True Temper GS85 R300 Steel Wedge Shaft

True Temper’s GS85 design is centered on feel by reducing vibration and shock to the hands through proprietary multi-wall technology.


Flex – R300 (Regular)
Tip –   .355 tapered
Length –  36.5 inches
Weight –  92 grams (approx)

Price: $13.95

Product Description

The True Temper GS85 R300 Steel Wedge Shaft, a premier choice for golfers seeking the perfect blend of performance and feel. Designed with precision and the serious player in mind, this shaft is engineered to enhance your wedge play, providing the control and response needed to tackle any situation on the course.

Flexibility for Precision:

With a flex rating of R300 (Regular), this shaft offers a balanced stiffness that caters to a wide range of golfers, delivering a combination of control and power that can suit both aggressive and smooth swing styles.

Advanced Tip Technology:

Featuring a .355 tapered tip, the GS85 R300 ensures a snug fit into your clubhead, promoting better shaft alignment and energy transfer, resulting in more accurate shots.

Optimized Length for Versatility:

At 36.5 inches, this shaft is tailored for wedges, providing an optimal balance between control and swing arc, allowing for precise shot-making around the greens.

Lightweight Design for Better Control:

Weighing approximately 92 grams, the GS85 R300 is designed to offer golfers a lighter shaft option without sacrificing durability or performance, enabling quicker swing speeds and improved shot control.

Cutting-edge Multi-wall Technology:

True Temper’s proprietary multi-wall technology significantly reduces vibration and shock upon impact, delivering a smoother feel to the hands and enhancing the overall playability of your wedge.

Maximum Trajectory Benefits:

This shaft is designed to benefit a wide range of player profiles by providing maximum trajectory options, ensuring that golfers can achieve the desired loft and distance, regardless of the shot at hand.

Consistency Across the Board:

The constant weight, discrete length design of the GS85 R300 ensures ultimate consistency from club to club, enabling golfers to maintain uniformity in their play and build confidence with each shot.

Durability and Feel:

Enhanced with Speed steps, this shaft not only improves the feel during the swing but also maximizes durability, ensuring that your investment continues to perform at a high level over time.


At an accessible price of $13.95, the True Temper GS85 R300 Steel Wedge Shaft represents exceptional value, offering high-end performance and technology at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Whether you are looking to improve your accuracy around the greens, seeking a shaft that provides a superior feel, or simply want to ensure consistency in your wedge game, the True Temper GS85 R300 Steel Wedge Shaft is your solution. Upgrade your wedges with this top-tier shaft and experience the difference in your game today.