Project X HZRDUS Blue RDX PVD .335 6.0 60g

The Smoke Blue Project X HZRDUS Blue RDX PVD .335 6.0 60g has a counter balance design that features a soft midsection to maximize shaft load and feel while maintaining a stout butt and tip section to keep up with all swing speeds and provide a stable feel through impact. The shafts are made of military grade carbon fiber.


Length – 46 inches
Tip – .335
Weight – Approximately 64 grams
Flex – 6.0 ( stiff )
Butt – .600
Torque – 3.4 degrees

Price: Original price was: $350.00.Current price is: $109.00.

Product Description

Elevate your game with the precision engineering of the Project X HZRDUS Blue RDX PVD .335 6.0 60g Wood Shaft. Designed for the discerning golfer who demands peak performance and exceptional feel, this shaft is a masterpiece of golf technology, blending advanced materials with innovative design to unlock your true potential on the course.

Key Features:

Premium Construction:

Crafted from military-grade carbon fiber, the HZRDUS Blue RDX shaft offers unparalleled strength and durability, ensuring your game is backed by the best in modern golf shaft technology.

Counter Balanced Design:

This shaft features a unique counterbalance design with a soft midsection to maximize shaft load and enhance feel. This design ensures you can achieve maximum power and precision with every swing, without sacrificing control.

Optimized Performance:

With a stout butt and tip section, the Project X HZRDUS Blue RDX PVD .335 6.0 60g is engineered to support all swing speeds, providing a stable and consistent feel through impact. Whether you’re a hard hitter or rely on precision, this shaft is built to complement your game.


  • Length: 46 inches, allowing for custom fitting to match your optimal club length.
  • Tip Diameter: .335, compatible with a wide range of club heads for a tailored performance.
  • Weight: Approximately 60 grams, a perfect balance for those seeking a blend of speed and control
  • Flex: 6.0 (Stiff), ideal for golfers with faster swing speeds looking for accurate flight paths.
  • Butt Diameter: .600, designed for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Torque: 3.4 degrees, providing a tight dispersion and enhanced control over ball flight.

Striking Aesthetic:

Finished in a stunning Smoke Blue PVD, this shaft is not just about performance; it is a statement piece that stands out in any golf bag.


Regularly priced at $350 per shaft, but now available at a special sale price of $99.95 per shaft, seize the opportunity to upgrade your equipment and unleash your full potential on the course.

Enhance your performance, feel, and style on the course with the Project X HZRDUS Blue RDX PVD .335 6.0 60g Wood Shaft. Whether you are looking to gain distance, improve accuracy, or enjoy the game more, this shaft is your ticket to the next level. Grab yours today and experience the difference of playing with professional-grade equipment.