Project X Evenflow White 6.0 90g .370 Hybrid Shaft

Project X Evenflow White 6.0 90g .370 Hybrid Shaft are all about feel featuring an “even” bend profile that transfers shaft load more efficiently throughout the swing. Evenflow is the mid launch/mid spin option in the Evenflow family.

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Product Description

Unlock the full potential of your hybrid clubs with the Project X EvenFlow White 6.0 90g .370 Hybrid Shaft, a masterpiece of engineering designed to revolutionize your game. This shaft is all about optimizing feel and performance through its innovative “even” bend profile, which ensures a smooth and efficient transfer of shaft load throughout the swing. Aimed at golfers who demand precision, control, and a seamless connection with their club, the EvenFlow White is a game-changer on the course.

Key Features:

Length – 42 Inches:

The 42-inch length is perfect for hybrid clubs, offering an optimal balance between control and power, making it easier to hit those long approach shots or get out of tricky situations.

Weight – Approximately 90 Grams:

At around 90 grams, this shaft provides a solid, stable feel without weighing you down, enhancing your ability to swing with speed and precision.

Flex – 6.0 (Stiff):

The 6.0 flex rating, equivalent to a stiff flex, is ideal for golfers with a moderately fast swing speed, offering a perfect blend of flexibility.

Tip – .370 Parallel:

The .370 parallel tip is compatible with a wide array of hybrid club heads, allowing for easy installation and a secure fit, ensuring that your equipment is perfectly tailored to your game.

Torque – 3.2 Degrees:

With a torque rating of 3.2 degrees, this shaft provides a tight, controlled feel that better players will appreciate, especially when precision is paramount.

Mid Launch/Mid Spin Design:

The Project X EvenFlow White 6.0 golf shaft sits as the mid-launch/mid-spin option within the EvenFlow family, making it the perfect choice for golfers seeking a balanced trajectory with consistent spin rates. This equilibrium ensures that you can tackle a variety of shots, from aggressive strikes off the tee to delicate approaches onto the green.

Engineered for Feel and Performance:

The Project X EvenFlow White 6.0 90g .370 Hybrid Shaft is meticulously designed to enhance the connection between the golfer and the club. Its unique bend profile promotes an efficient energy transfer, resulting in a powerful, smooth feel at impact. Whether you’re looking to improve your accuracy on long par-threes with your hybrid clubs, this shaft offers the technology and performance to elevate your game.

Elevate Your Game:

With its advanced technology and balanced performance characteristics, the Project X EvenFlow White 6.0 90g .370 Hybrid Shaft is an exceptional choice for golfers looking to maximize their hybrid clubs’ potential. Experience the difference of a shaft that blends feel, power, and precision into one game-changing package.