The #1 shaft in golf. This high flex, tour weight shaft is designed for skilled players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight for optimum control and accuracy.
Price – $159/Set of 7 Shafts

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Product Description

The TRUE TEMPER DYNAMIC GOLD X100 .355 4-PW STEEL IRON SHAFTS, a premium offering designed for the discerning golfer who demands precision, control, and a competitive edge. This tour-weight shaft set, renowned for its high flex and precision engineering, is the gold standard for skilled players aiming to achieve a low, penetrating ball flight that optimizes both control and accuracy on the course.

Key Features:

Weight – 130 Grams:

Heavier by design, these shafts provide the tour-preferred weight that skilled players seek for unmatched stability and feedback through impact.

Length – 40 inches:

The set includes shafts with length of 40.0 inches (4.0 inches Iron & 37.0 inches for the wedge), ensuring a consistent and tailored feel across your iron set.

Tip – .355 Tapered:

The .355 tapered tip is precision-engineered for a snug fit into club heads, offering an enhanced level of control and feedback that better players demand.

Butt – .600:

This specification provides a solid and consistent grip feel, allowing for precise hand placement and improved swing dynamics.

Flex – X Flex (Extra Stiff):

Tailored for golfers with a faster swing speed, the extra stiff flex minimizes unwanted flexion at impact, resulting in a lower, more controlled ball flight.

Trajectory – Low Launch, Low Spin:

These shafts are designed to provide a low launch angle and reduced spin, giving skilled players the ability to shape shots and control landing with unparalleled precision.

Price – $159/Set of 7 Shafts:

An investment in your game, this set offers exceptional value for golfers looking to optimize their performance with top-tier equipment.

Designed for Performance:

The TRUE TEMPER DYNAMIC GOLD X100 .355 4-PW STEEL IRON SHAFTS are the embodiment of performance and precision. Ideal for the serious golfer, these shafts are engineered to provide a low, penetrating trajectory that better players often seek to navigate tight fairways and approach greens with confidence.

Whether you are competing at a high level or striving to improve your game, these shafts offer the control and accuracy necessary to face any challenge on the course. With the TRUE TEMPER DYNAMIC GOLD X100, you are not just playing; you are playing to win.

Elevate your game with the shafts that are as serious about performance as you are. The TRUE TEMPER DYNAMIC GOLD X100 .355 4-PW Steel Iron Shafts are not just a choice; they’re your commitment to excellence on the golf course.