The LAMKIN SONAR+ MENS STD. GOLF GRIPS – Core – .60 rib (Reminder) is manufactured with the revolutionary Lamkin GENESIS hybrid compound engineered to deliver outstanding comfort and unmatched performance in all playing conditions. The Micro texture technology features multiple patterns designed to reduce excess grip tension.

Weight: 52 grams

Price: $3.95$523.50

Product Description

Elevate your golf game with the cutting-edge LAMKIN SONAR+ MENS STD. GOLF GRIPS – Core .60 rib (Reminder), featuring a .60 rib core for an unparalleled playing experience. Engineered with Lamkin’s revolutionary GENESIS hybrid compound, these grips offer the perfect blend of comfort and performance, ensuring you maintain superior control and precision in any weather condition.

Core Size:

.60 Rib (Reminder) – The .60 ribbed core provides a consistent, reminder feel that promotes proper hand alignment and a more stable grip, enhancing your overall control and accuracy on every shot.


52 grams Lightweight construction ensures a balanced feel, helping to improve swing dynamics without sacrificing control.

GENESIS Hybrid Compound:

At the heart of the SONAR+ grip is Lamkin’s GENESIS compound, a state-of-the-art material that delivers exceptional tackiness and a soft feel. This innovative compound is both durable and weather-resistant, offering reliable performance rain or shine.

Micro Texture Technology:

The grip surface is adorned with a sophisticated micro-texture pattern, incorporating multiple designs to minimize grip tension. This technology allows for a relaxed, comfortable grip, reducing fatigue and enhancing feel for precision shots.

Versatile Options:

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a single club or outfit your entire set, the LAMKIN SONAR+ Men’s Standard Golf Grips are available in individual pieces, sets of 75, or sets of 150 grips. This flexibility makes it easy to customize your clubs to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Experience the Difference:

The LAMKIN SONAR+ MENS STD. GOLF GRIPS – Core .60 rib (Reminder) are more than just a component; they are a game-enhancer. Designed for serious golfers who demand the best, these grips offer a unique combination of comfort, control, and performance. The .60 rib core acts as a constant reminder for ideal hand placement, enabling more consistent swings and better shot outcomes.