The TRUE TEMPER DYNAMIC GOLD 95 S200 .370 STEEL IRON SHAFTS is perfect for players looking for the softest feeling shaft while still keeping the consistency, stability and playability that comes with steel.

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Product Description

Elevate your game with the TRUE TEMPER DYNAMIC GOLD 95 S200 .370 Steel Iron Shafts, a marvel of engineering designed specifically for professional golfers who demand the utmost in feel, consistency, and performance. These shafts represent a significant advancement in golf technology, providing a unique blend of soft feel and the kind of reliable performance characteristics associated with steel.

Key Features:

Flex – S200 (Stiff):

Tailored for players with a faster swing speed, the S200 stiff flex ensures that power and precision are not compromised, offering a stable foundation for your swing.

Length – 40 Inches:

At a professional standard length of 40 inches, these shafts are designed to fit a wide range of iron clubs, providing the versatility needed by serious players.

Tip – .370 Parallel:

The .370 parallel tip specification is compatible with a broad selection of iron heads, allowing for a customized setup that matches your individual game.

Butt – .600:

This dimension ensures a comfortable and secure grip, enhancing the overall feel and control during the swing.

Weight – Approximately 97 Grams:

The lightweight design of approximately 97 grams promotes a smoother, faster swing speed without sacrificing the solid, controlled feel that steel offers.

Trajectory – High Spin, High Launch:

Engineered for players looking to maximize their control and workability, these shafts provide a high-spin, high-launch trajectory. This is ideal for professional players aiming to navigate challenging courses and conditions with precision.

Designed for Excellence:

The TRUE TEMPER DYNAMIC GOLD 95 S200 .370 Steel Iron Shafts are the pinnacle of golf shaft innovation, offering the softest feeling shaft within the steel category. Despite their lightweight design, these shafts do not compromise on stability, consistency, or playability. True temper golf shafts are crafted for professional golf players who require the best equipment to match their high skill level.

Whether you’re approaching the green or navigating a long par-5, these shafts are designed to give you an edge. With their high launch and high spin characteristics, you can achieve pinpoint accuracy and control, allowing you to place the ball exactly where you need it, even in the most demanding situations.

Embrace the future of golf performance with the TRUE TEMPER DYNAMIC GOLD 95 S200 .370 Steel Iron Shafts. Perfect for players who refuse to compromise between feel and function, these shafts are set to become an essential part of your golf arsenal, pushing you towards your best game yet.