Project X HZRDUS Blue T800 .335 Wood Shafts

Price: $44.95

The Hzrdus T800 is a mid weight shaft option that will deliver mid launch and mid spin conditions with a smoother more active feel than stouter counterparts most notably the Black and Yellow versions.

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    The Project X HZRDUS Blue T800 .335 Wood Shafts are designed for golfers who seek a balance of power and control, this mid-weight shaft option is the key to unlocking a new level of play. With its carefully engineered characteristics, it promises to deliver mid launch and mid spin conditions, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of players. Unlike its stouter counterparts, the Black and Yellow versions, the HZRDUS Blue T800 offers a smoother and more active feel, allowing for a more comfortable and controlled swing.

    Product Features:


    Each shaft measures a full 46 inches, providing ample length for customization and fitting to your specific needs and preferences.

    Tip Diameter:

    The .335 tip diameter is compatible with a wide range of wood club heads, ensuring a snug and secure fit for optimal performance.

    Weight Options:

    Available in 40grams, 50gram, and 60grams, this shaft allows you to select the perfect weight to match your swing speed and desired ball flight characteristics.

    Flex Variations:

    With flex options ranging from 4.0, 5.0 A (Senior), 5.5 R (Regular), 5.5 S (Stiff), to 6.0 S (Stiff), the HZRDUS Blue T800 caters to a wide spectrum of swing speeds and styles, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every golfer.

    Mid Launch and Spin:

    Engineered to produce mid-launch angles and mid-level spin rates, this shaft helps achieve a balanced trajectory, maximizing distance while ensuring control.


    At just $44.95 per shaft, the Project X HZRDUS Blue T800 .335 Wood Shaft offers exceptional value, combining top-tier performance with affordability. Whether you’re upgrading your favorite wood or customizing a new set, the HZRDUS Blue T800 is a choice that promises to enhance your game.

    Performance Benefits:

    Versatile Launch Conditions:

    Whether you’re aiming for distance, precision, or a balanced game, the mid-launch characteristics of the HZRDUS Blue T800 can adapt to your needs, providing consistent performance across various conditions.

    Controlled Spin:

    Achieve greater control over your shots with the shaft’s mid-spin profile, allowing for more predictable flight patterns and landing behaviors.

    Enhanced Feel:

    The smoother, more active feel of the HZRDUS Blue T800 offers a unique advantage, particularly for players who value tactile feedback and the ability to fine-tune their swings based on the shaft’s response.

    Additional information



    Flex & Weight

    40 gram – 4.0, 50 gram – 5.0 (A), 50 gram – 5.5 (R), 50 gram – 6.0 (S), 60 gram – 5.5 (R), 50 gram – 6.0 (S)



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